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Cat Valentine Quotes

Quotes from the Character Cat Valentine

  • “Totally!”- Cat Valentine <— Tweet This!
  • “Yay! I love candy!” - Cat Valentine  Tweet This!
  • “One time, I ate a hamburger and then like an hour later I started sneezing, but I don’t think it had anything to do with the hamburger.” - Cat Valentine
  • “I love mass texting!” - Cat Valentine  Tweet This!
  • “Is it true that sweat and pee are like… cousins?” - Cat Valentine  <— Tweet This!
  • “One time, when I was 7, I was at the beach and I made a sandcastle and I called it ‘Cat’s Castle’ [long pause; everyone stares at her] True story.”  - Cat Valentine
  • “Yay! I love excitement!” - Cat Valentine  <— Tweet This!
  • “I wanna be an unicorn.” (Beck Oliver says, “You can’t”) “Phooey!” - Cat Valentine
  • “I love that panicky jittery feeling!” - Cat Valentine  <— Tweet This!
  • “My hair color has nothing to do with my psychological problems.”
    - Cat Valentine  <— Tweet This!
  • “I get nervous when my brother eats things that aren’t food. Seriously, I think he ate my charm bracelet.” - Cat Valentine  <— Tweet This!
  • (Impersonating Jerry Seinfeld) “What’s the deal with Raisin Bran? Is it Raisins? Is it Bran? I wanna know!” - Cat Valentine  <— Tweet This!
  • “Look! I made my tiger purple! That doesn’t happen in nature!”
    - Cat Valentine  <— Tweet This!
  • “What’s that supposed to mean?!” - Cat Valentine


TORI VEGA: “Are you a good witch? Or a sandwich?”

CAT VALENTINE: “Who me? Well, I’m neither a witch nor a snack. You’re talking some crazy chizz.”


Personal Quotes from Ariana Grande

  • “You have to be thankful and I think being in this business is one of the most important things is to give back because there’s no better feeling than knowing that your work is being appreciated by people.” – Ariana Grande  <— Tweet This!
  • “One of the most terrible feelings in the world is knowing that someone else doesn’t like you. Especially when you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve it.” - Ariana Grande

Hilarious Video Profile by Cat From Victorious (With Even MORE Funny Quotes!!)

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